Discover the hapspotsIn Roerdalen

Discover the 25 ‘happy places’ in the Municipality of Roerdalen. The locals have designated these spots as hidden jewels of happiness. Six of these places are also ‘happy places’ for children. The ‘happy places’ can be found in and around the villages of Herkenbosch, Vlodrop, Montfort, Posterholt, Sint Odiliënberg and Melick. 

Overview of ‘happy places’

The map showing all the ‘happy places’ is available from Tourist Information Office (VVV) service points in the Municipality of Roerdalen or from one of the Tourist Information Offices in North- and Central Limburg. You can also download it (7MB).

The ‘happy place’

You’ll find a sign at every ‘happy place’ with a description of what will make you happy at this spot. The place itself is an important part of the happiness experience. All the signs at the ‘happy places’ will mention a local business you can visit to ask for a golden happiness tip. There you will receive the tip in an envelope handed over with a secret smile. The golden happiness tips only appear on the happiness signs.

Discover the ‘happy places’ by GPS

You can also discover the ‘happy places’ by means of geocaches. A geocache is a sort of ‘treasure’ you can find by using GPS. A link to more information about the geocache hidden there can be found at each ‘happy place’.