Day out in North- and Central Limburg

North- and Central Limburg is an ideal destination for a day out. 

The combination of extensive countryside, two national parks and various cross-border areas of natural beauty is a guarantee for plenty of opportunities for cycling, walking or horse riding. There are countless routes laid out in the many areas of natural beauty. Most of them can be followed easily using the system of numbered intersections.

You will find many places of interest along the way, such as impressive castles, windmills and watermills. You can also view the many cultural buildings in the cities by taking part in a city walk. 

Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the water in the Maasplassen, the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands. You can also book round trips on the water.

Weert and Roermond provide attractive surroundings for people who love shopping. In Weert you can shop under cover and enjoy coffee and flan on one of its squares. Roermond is home to the Designer Outlet, the largest in the Benelux and Germany. It is only three minutes’ walk from the attractive town centre. Roermond also has a home and garden shopping mall, the Huis- en Tuinboulevard, and the Retailpark where you can shop to your heart’s content (including free parking).

Many events are held in North- and Central Limburg, ensuring an enjoyable day out. The many tourist businesses that offer activities for a day out can be found on our website. Activities range from swimming to playing in a playground, from an outdoor activity to indoor bowling: plenty of options for a great day out. 

If this is not enough for a great day out in the heart of Limburg, you can get easy to Belgium or Germany. North- and Central Limburg shares a border with both countries. So you can combine your day out with a visit to Germany or Belgium. 

There is plenty to see, do or experience on your day out in North- and Central Limburg.