Leudalin the heart of Limburg

Leudal in Limburg

The Municipality of Leudal comprises 16 parishes: Baexem, Buggenum, Ell, Grathem, Haelen, Haler, Heibloem, Heythuysen, Horn, Hunsel, Ittervoort, Kelpen-Oler, Neeritter, Nunhem, Roggel and Neer. This municipality has much to offer in terms of culture, recreational activities and sports. The large number of parishes that make up the municipality of Leudal make it the largest municipality in Central Limburg in terms of surface area. 

Leudal, the garden of Limburg

Leudal is also known as the garden of Limburg. And not without reason. Nature is all around. The heart of the municipality is the magnificent scenic area of Leudal near Haelen. Apart from magnificent countryside, you’ll also find various castles, wind and watermills in Leudal. This combination makes Leudal an ideal area for walking and cycling.