Museum Technology with a Soul

Museum 'Technology with a Soul' is a museum in Neerkant with a collection of technology from 1900 to the present and a touch of nostalgia. The collection of 'Technology with a Soul' is a collection of the evolution of electrical equipment. 

In the museum at this moment a lot of things are present like a total overview of all kinds of technical objects from the year 1900 till 2000. Furthermore, there are several rooms, such as a living room, a store and a kitchen in which a time picture is displayed from the past. 

There is also a separate room with Neerkant and surroundings during the 2nd world war and other small collections such as medical, photography, (narrow) film, slides and office equipment. 

We also have the possibility to give technical lessons for schools, institution...

We also have the possibility to give technical lessons for schools, institutions and other groups. All this in a practically equipped EDUCATION LOBBY. 

The museum has a HEEMKUNDE department "The Soul of Neerkant".

Further services include the service desk and the exchange bookcase. At the service desk you can go for small technical repairs. In addition, the hostess/hostess at the museum reception desk can provide support in many areas. These volunteers can also call upon the services of others if necessary. Representatives of institutions and organizations are invited to periodically visit the museum to answer questions and offer services.

The exhibition space is available by arrangement to people who wish to exhibit their creative arts.

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Museum Techniek met 'n Ziel
Dorpsstraat 23
5758 AM
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We -Fr : 13:30 - 16:30 hour,
Su: 13:30 - 16:30 hour,
Explanation: Group visits outside our normal opening (see below) are always possible. Reservations can be made through our website tab Contact"."