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Group accommodation / holiday home Venray: Kasteel Kaldenbroek Ochtendgloren

The 13-person holiday home Kaldenbroek Oorgengloren has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The house is located in a unique historical place. The monumental castle of which the holiday home is part is located near the rose village of Lottum. Kaldenbroek O Morning Gloren holiday home is located on the right-hand side, facing West. Kaldenbroek Avondrood holiday home is located in the left half. The castle can also be booked in its entirety.

'French country life in North Limburg' is the first thing that comes to mind as ...

'French country life in North Limburg' is the first thing that comes to mind as soon as you see the castle, hidden on an old Maasmeander. The French appearance of the high medieval manor, in addition to an old ruin and some farm outbuildings, is undeniably attractive. The vastness of the landscape, the surrounding orchards and all this in the midst of untouched nature, immediately give a feeling of history and eternity.
This house is ideal for the holidaymaker who wants to exchange the hectic pace of everyday life for a step back in time. Back to simple enjoyment in a building that still exudes the atmosphere of a bygone era.
On the estate of Kaldenbroek Castle you can also enjoy the wonderfully quiet day terrace of Caffè Kaldenbroeck, which is located in the old Schaapskooi together with the center for Ayurveda & Yoga (Huys Kaldenbroeck).

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Groepsaccommodatie / vakantiewoning Venray e.o.: Kasteel Kaldenbroek Ochtendgloren
Kaldenbroek 1B
5973 RJ
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