Car or motorbike route

Car and motorbike route Weert-North and Nederweert

Length: 64 km.
This car and motorbike route will lead through the northern part of the greenest region of the world by 2015.

It is a beautiful combination of the urban area of Weert and the green surroundi...

It is a beautiful combination of the urban area of Weert and the green surroundings. The route also runs through the municipality of Nederweert, which is mainly characterised by its varied landscapes and canals. You will also pass through the municipality of Cranendonck (Noord-Brabant) for a small part.

The route shows you the Iron Man area, the Boshoverheide, the Weerter- and Budelerbergen and the Weerterbos. But also protected nature reserves such as Het Sarsven and De Banen and national park De Groote Peel. In Nederweert you often drive along or over various canals, and you also pass visitor centre de Peelen.
On the route you will notice, among other things, the 2 tank crossings and the tank railway at the Weerter and Budeler Bergen. You will also pass Airpark Kempen in the Noord-Brabant area. Also lock 15 in Nederweert with the electricity house are a pearl in the route. In addition, you'll find various cultural heritage sites along the route, such as the Sint Annamolen, the Laarderschans and various chapels and crosses. De Biest is one of the most beautiful streets in Weert where you can admire lots of culture and greenery.

Along the route you can take time to enjoy Burgundian Limburg at one of the cosy eateries.

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