Car or motorbike route

Car and motorbike route Beesel

Length: 22 km
This car and motorbike route through the greenest village in the Netherlands in 2015 will lead you past lots of greenery, water, villages and hamlets.

You will also pass a lot of culture, such as beltkorenmolen de Grauwe Beer (whic...

You will also pass a lot of culture, such as beltkorenmolen de Grauwe Beer (which is open for visits at regular intervals), castle Nieuwenbroeck, various chapels and road crosses and many old farms. The old cemetery with its centuries-old wall is also worth a visit.

Dragon village Beesel is known for the Dragon Sign, a feast that is held every 7 years in Beesel. Within the municipality there are several places where people express their recognition as a dragon village. On the route you will find a beautiful and large statue of a dragon.

The route is a full loop, so you can start it anywhere on the route.
The car route takes you to the villages of Beesel and Reuver, but also through the hamlets of Ouddorp, Rijkel and Beesels Broek. In het Beesels Broek you'll find many monumental farms that have often kept their old name.

The municipality of Beesel is sandwiched between the Meuse and Germany. The route takes you along the Meuse as well as close to the German border. It is a varied route, where you drive through villages one moment and enjoy nature the next. On the quiet roads you will often only find cyclists.

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