Group activitiesin Limburg

Group activities and COVID-19

Yes! Finally we are allowed to undertake group activities with family, friends or colleagues.
Browse the pages below for inspiration and request a quote via our website. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or give us a call. 
We are happy to help and can’t wait to welcoming you back to Limburg!

Group activities out in Limburg

North- and Central Limburg offers plenty of opportunities for a lively, adventurous and fun day out full of activities for groups of all sizes. Choose a standard package deal for groups or have a day’s programme tailor-made for you. There’s no shortage of possibilities!

LimburgGroepsuitje offers standard package deals for groups and specific tailor-made package deals to suit your group that can be put together with your input. It’s convenient because you don’t have to look everything up yourself. A number of the Tourist Information Office for North- and Central Limburg’s partners also offer package deals for groups that you can book directly with them.

Tailor-made group activities from Limburggroepsuitje

The list below contains all the tailor-made group outings that can be arranged by the Tourist Information Office (VVV).

They include the full range of tailor-made package group deals from partners and package deals for groups that can be further customised. That means you can express all your wishes and ask questions at one central point. Limburggroepsuitje will then prepare a tailor-made programme on the basis of your wishes. We can also provide a guide.