Business meetings in North- and Central Limburg

From a conference or presentation to training courses or workshops. North- and Central Limburg extends a warm welcome to business tourism

The North- and Central Limburg region is attractive in more ways than one – so it should come as no surprise that companies and organisations are increasingly choosing to hold their meetings, training courses and other business-related sessions at a venue in the heart of Limburg. After all, good ideas are more likely to take shape in inspiring, natural and serene surroundings – so Limburg has all the ingredients for a successful event.

From meetings to training courses and from anniversaries to parties. Companies, national and international organisations, governmental bodies and charity foundations have all found their way to North- and Central Limburg for events such as directors’ and management meetings, team-building, training courses, brainstorm and creative sessions, presentations, conferences or to celebrate anniversaries and special occasions.

North- and Central Limburg is particularly well equipped for such events, with countless venues ranging from a function room at a café or bar to a large-scale luxury conference facility with an extensive catering service. Or how about hosting your event on the water, on a pleasure cruiser? Perhaps that’s not such a far-fetched idea after all!

There is a tailor-made solution for all kinds of groups, personal preferences, accommodation requirements and needs for services and facilities. By far the majority of venues in North- and Central Limburg are also fitted with state-of-the-art IT and communication equipment and multimedia facilities.