Asparagus North- and Central Limburg's White Gold

Limburg: Land of Asparagus

Asparagus is a special regional product of which Limburg is justly proud. This special vegetable is also called the 'Queen of vegetables', 'White gold' and 'Pearl of the Land'. Asparagus are not only delicious, they are also super healthy and low in calories.

This tasty vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals. Because of its stimulating properties, the white stalks were also known as Points d'amour at the French court...


Asparagus packages in Limburg

Experience the peace and quiet this spring in beautiful Northern and Central Limburg. You can discover the asparagus, the delicious white gold, by bike, on foot or by car. Throughout the Limburg landscape, you can see the asparagus beds lie and the fruit trees are already, almost, in bloom. Experience your own asparagus package.

Asperges Rothenbach

Ordering an asparagus dinner

You can eat asparagus in Northern and Central Limburg from the beginning of April until 24 June, the name day of St. John. This typical Limburg delicacy is served in season by many restaurants. Because of the corona crisis, substitute catering initiatives have arisen. For example, many restaurants have a takeaway and delivery service to still be able to serve the customers. See our overview of restaurants in North and Central Limburg and order!


Asparagus routes

There are several asparagus routes in North and Central Limburg. You can get a breath of fresh air in the spring sunshine by cycling along the Limburg asparagus fields. You can recognise them by the distinctive stripe pattern of raised earth. Before the stem reaches the surface, it is harvested. There are routes of various lengths. In the season, from April to the end of June, you can buy asparagus at various places along the route to enjoy them at home. 



Asperges te koop

Asparagus group outing

During the season, most restaurants in North and Central Limburg serve their own variety of asparagus. There are also culinary asparagus group outings and events that you can do coronaproof with your own bubbler. Like a visit to an asparagus farm or a tour at a vineyard that produces delicious asparagus wine. 

asperges culinair

Asparagus farm shops and outlets

Do you prefer to try the white gold yourself? At the farm shops or along the asparagus routes are sales points where you can buy the white gold fresher than fresh.  NB! Fresh asparagus is only available during the short asparagus season from April to the end of June. 

asperge farm shop

Preparation and recipes for asparagus 

Peeling asparagus well is important when preparing them. Use a special asparagus knife or an ordinary peeler. You can keep the asparagus in a cool place for a few days, wrapped in a wet tea towel. 

Asparagus are cooked in 8-10 minutes depending on their thickness. Traditionally, asparagus are served with boiled ham, boiled eggs and melted, clarified butter. But there are more recipes imaginable. Delicious in combination with a nice white wine, for example from Wijngaard de Deelgaarderberg.  

bord asperges