Munster church Roermond

Architect  dr. Pierre Cuypers

Grand Master of the Neo-Gothic

Dr. Pierre Cuypers (1827-1921), is one of Roermond's most famous sons. This grand master of neo-Gothic architecture built the Amsterdam Central Station, the Rijksmuseum and Kasteel de Haar, among others. Yet Cuypers, proud of his Catholic background, was first and foremost an architect of churches. The beautiful Munsterkerk in Roermond, for example, is by his hand.

In addition to buildings and churches, this multi-talent also designed furniture, interiors and all kinds of art objects. A selection belongs to the permanent collection of the Cuypershuis, his former home in Roermond. This is where Pierre Cuypers died in 1921. Next to the Munsterkerk you will find a characteristic statue of Cuypers, made by sculptor August Falise. His monumental grave is located at 'den Aje Kirkhaof' in Roermond.